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The Grom Floating Polarised Kids Sunglasses


The Floating Grom - Ideal for Active Kids

The Floating Grom Sunglass is a great kids style - suits 6 to 13 year old boys or girls.


Tri moulded frame with soft flexible non-slip temples.

- Gloss Carbon Fibre with Grey temples.

- Gloss White with Charcoal temples.

- Aluminium Blue with White temples.

- Pink with grey temples. 

POLARISED Acetate Lenses

- 1.1 mm durable acetate polarised lenses in Grey or Amber.  

*  This model is also available with acetate photochromic lenses.

The photochromic polarised lenses darken depending on the amount of sunlight. There is a 40% difference which takes the lens from a category 2 lens to a category 3 lens (Australian standard protective eyewear) The lens darkens in intense sunlight and lightens in low light conditions. (Rain, fog, cloudy overcast conditions or when indoors)

Photochromic lenses are ideal for sailing and boating in all weather conditions.

The Amber Photochromic lens also helps highlight windshifts on the water.

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