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Product Information

The "ARFA", is supplied with three sizes of flexible interchangeable bridges, enabling the glasses to flex depending on the wearers face shape and nose bridge width. The "ARFA" suits most face structures from children to adults.

Barz use polycarbonate high impact lens with a scratch resistant coating on the front of the lens and an anti-fog coating on the rear. All lenses have a UV400 treatment including our clear and high definition yellow.

Barz Optics are supplied with a head strap for all applications.

Is ideal for use in the surf or turbulent water to minimize the chance of loss. Thread the knotted end through itself around the back strap. Slide the toggle down towards the strap. Place over head and adjust the toggle so that a fist can be made between it and the neck.

Is designed to protect your quality optical product from heat and scratching the neoprene will float if dropped into the water and the clip allows it to be clipped onto a belt loop when not in use.

The three sizes should enable the glasses to fit up to 95% of the faces in the world. These bridges are made from flexible nylon and should withstand much abuse and UV damage.

Are produced from flexible surgical PVC. They taper so that by placing the widest point on the outside of the frame more facial curve is created - enabling the glasses to fit a narrower face or one which is deeper set on the outside of the eyes. By rotating the gaskets so that the widest point is nearer to the nose, the glasses will fit a flatter face better. If the widest point is on the bottom of the frame, this will suit a wearer who has a protruding brow bone and hollow cheeks. Barz Optics are supplied with two sets of gaskets - one set are solid for in-water uses and create a seal. The other has breather holes and are ideal for on or out of water activities such as Surfing, Jet Skiing, Snowboarding, Sky Diving and industrial uses. They are available in black or clear.