Hi Kevin,

I thought you may like some feedback.

I decided would put the San Juan floater sunglasses I got from you to the test skiing on the weekend.

I had a great slalom waterski with them on Saturday (see the attached pic) but did not wipeout so did not really test them.

On Sunday I had a really good fall on the wakeboard and could not see them when I came up. They had been thrown more than 5m from me and were really easy to find.

Thanks again !

Kind Regards

Gordon Mc Gillivray 


Hi Natasha,

I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that the Barz Optics review is coming. They've been surfing, stand up paddling, ran in a marathon, ran in an ultra-marathon, hours of trail running, and trail racing, and well . . . . they're awesome. The carbon Floater pair is unbelievably comfortable. Even after hours and hours, no nose bridge pain, no temple pain, no chafing or discomfort. 





Hello crew at Barz,

Wanted to thank you for our speedy delivery! The package arrived on Friday which is un heard of out here, so thank you. The sunglasses are also lovely, the kids look fab, I may have to snap a photo of them for your facebook page. The retro numbers on spunky 5year old twin boys.






Hi The Barz Crew

I received your sunglasses this morning in the nicely packaged box which was the prize for picking the podium on the Sydney 18 footers the Sunday before the J.J.

As it was overcast in Sydney I put the Floaters on and took a look out my window at Sydney Harbour not expecting to have a result other than making the dull day even duller.

How wrong was I ......the breeze lines on the water became more apparent and the total vision became lighter to a pleasing level. As a yachte of many years, over 50 is more to the point, they will become a valuable tool in taking my race programme foreword by improved wind identification.

The only issue I have is, apart from using our water bottle to spray fresh water on the lenses to keep them clean of salt spray they will need to pass the “look test” at the Yacht Club. In case the crews think I am trying to get my youth back .....they look the part in the mirror at home, I can dismiss this by saying .....”Even Jack Nicholson does not have a pair, that is why he did not go to the academy awards this year”..

Thanks for putting up the prize and I know I will be a better sailor because of the Floaters.

Would you be kind enough to foreword a copy of the email to Bob Killett {Killer] who is a star apostle of your gear, as I do not have his email address.

Thanks again and hope your business continues to prosper.

Peter Alexander

Pierre la Grand.



I received the sunglasses and I just want to comment on the 

great clarity and comfort of the glasses.

Best pair of sunglasses I have ever owned.

Hope to visit your wonderful country someday.

I just read the book about Freya Hoffmeister's 

solo paddle around the continent and it seemed 

there were wonderful paddling clubs near every city 

and town she passed. My kind of country!

 Thanks, Pete



I would like to thankyou for the very quick service.  The glasses are fantastic and I could not be happier.




Comment: Hello - 

I just wanted to report the success of the Nauru polarised sunglasses with reader insert I bought a week or two ago.

They are great!  It is amazing to be able to read clearly while I am out in the sun.  They are excellent for driving and for the boat.  I had doubts about the clear reader lenses, and found that they make it easy to read the car dashboard displays and boat instruments.

Thanks again for a great innovation at an affordable price!

Kind regards



Hi Natasha,

Once again my compliments to yourselves and Australia Post. I ordered on Friday at 3.30 pm and the sunglasses arrived on the following Monday by 2.30 pm (less than one bank working day) I can’t expect such rapid service even from local suppliers.   I am more than happy with the glasses and their fit.


Alan Venables



A huge thanks to yourself and the team at Barz optics – I have never experienced service like it!!!

I was referred to Barz by my friend Peter and I assure you I will let others know about the Australian company who can prepare and ship Polaroid prescription glasses that float and look great per the attached photo (pardon the head) all in 48hours!!!!

Many thanks

Darren Collins


To the Barz Team

I ordered a new set of reader sunnies y’day and received them just now.

Fantastic service !!

Well done.