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Polycarbonate (PC) Polarised Photochromic Melanin

Polycarbonate (PC) Polarised Photochromic Melanin


Melanin infused polycarbonate photochromic polarised sunglass lenses

Melanin is the most powerful protection that the body and eye have against UV as it absorbs the higher energy light that does the damage.

Combined with high quality polarisation - Barz Optics melanin lenses offer fantastic protection as well as visual clarity and colour balance in harsh environments around water.

The Melanin lens is available in polycarbonate polarised (amber with bronze mirror coating lens) and polycarbonate polarised photochromic (grey lenses - lens lightens to Cat 2 in low light and darkens to Cat 3 in full sun).

Photochromic melanin infused lenses are ideal for sailing and boating in all weather conditions.

Available in two of our floating sunglass models - the "Floater" and the "San Juan" as well as the Nauru, Nias and Kelso.

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