Cabo Polycarbonate Polarised Photochromic

The Cabo is a modern wrap style floating frame that is frameless on the bottom.

Boyancy is created by the built in air cells within the temples and nose piece.

The Cabo polycarbonate polarised photochromic lens is amber in colour – it reacts in low light from Cat2 and then darkens to Cat3 in full sun. It normally takes 30 seconds to darken and around a minute to lighten.

The Cabo sunglass model is ideal for water based activities such as surfing, fishing, sailing and offers excellent coverage / protection against UV, sun glare, wind and sand.

Frame colours include a matt carbon fibre with dark grey temples, matt white with blue temples, matt black with grey temples or gloss graphite with red temples

The polycarbonate photochromic lenses come in amber and change colour depending on the amount of sunlight/UV around.

The lens darkens in intense sunlight and lightens in low light conditions, in the car, wet days or when indoors.

There is a 40% difference which takes the lens from a category 2 lens to a category 3 (Australian standard protective eyewear).

All frames feature non-slip temples and nose piece and are supplied with a neoprene case and retainer.



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