Floater PC Polarised Photochromic Bifocal Reader

The Floater with Polarised Photochromic Bi Focal Reader lenses – “This is our award winning lens”.

The Floater floats in even the most turbulent fresh or salt water due to the air cells built into it’s nose piece and temples.

We searched the world for polarised photochromic lenses (with small magnification in their base) a lens that would react to the smallest amount of UV. The lens is Cat1 in low or no light and then darkens to Cat3 in full or sun or UV. To our knowledge we are still the only company in the world using such a lens in their range.

The Floater frame options are Matt Black with grey non slip temples and nose piece, Gloss Tortoise Shell with tan non slip temples and nose piece, Gloss Carbon Fibre with grey non slip temples and nose piece and Matt Grey with green apple non slip temples and nose piece.

The grey Floater Polarised Photochromic reader lens is available in +1.50 or +2.50 powers.

The +2.00 is out of stock. Please contact us if you require this strength.

The reader is in the bottom cm of the lens and enables the wearer to read, their charts, phone, a magazine, GPS or tie fine tackle etc.

The Floater is supplied with a neoprene case, micro fibre cleaning cloth and leash.



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