MAGOO Prescription RX

Magoo – Surfing Sunglass/Goggle – RX Prescription 

The Magoo sunglass / goggle fitted with prescription lenses is produced in our Australian factory.

While the Magoo was originally developed for use by surfers it has a multitude of end uses.

The Magoo can be fitted with a wide variety of prescriptions. However the higher the prescription the further the lens may protrude out the front of the frame.

Generally the lab take about fifteen working days to complete the prescription lenses. We require your complete prescription including your PD (pupil distance measurement).

All of our bifocal prescriptions are now made without the bifocal segment lines on the lenses. We instead use a progressive lens. (where the reading distance will blur into the distance part of the lens). If you have a preference of the bifocal lenses with the “boxed” segmented bifocal, please advise and we will see what can be accommodated for your script, as everyone is different.

The higher the prescription the further the lens may protrude out the front of the frame, we recommend adding the Thin Tech lenses add on (in seperate prescription sunglass options.) This is a thinner, optically brilliant lens for prescriptions. It takes weight and thickness out of higher prescriptions.

All Magoo frames come with a case, cord retainer, vented & sealed gaskets and a small, medium & large interchangeable nose bridges.

Magoo frames are the best fit for prescriptions. The frame is flatter than the Arfa model, so more advanced prescriptions can be produced in this frame, rather than the Arfa model.

Frame dimensions:

Lens length 6cm Lens height 3.5cm

Frame 19cm long



  • Jet Skiers or PWC Riders, ATV riders and snow mobiles
  • Kitesurfing, wake boarding and water skiers
  • Sailboarders, bodyboarding or surfing
  • Sailors of Cats, Dinghies and Ocean Racers or speedboat drivers
  • Sky Divers
  • Harley Users or Those Who Use Open Face Helmets
  • Snowboarders or Snow Skiers
  • Surf Lifesavers & Lifeguards
  • Whitewater Rafters and Canoeists
  • Mountain Bikers
  • Racketball and ball sports
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Outrigger – Ocean and Rivers
  • Various Industrial and Manufacturing Industries
  • Anyone who is Out In The Elements of Wind, Salt, Water, Dust and Glare or Who Have the Potential of Eye Damage from Playing Their Chosen Activity or Sport
  • Those who Require prescription lenses or Protection of Their Contact Lenses
  • Sufferers of Dry Eye Conditions

Please email with any questions you may have.

Please email for a quote / availability for prescriptions from -3.00 onwards.




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