Nauru Acetate with Non Polarised Reader

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Need Glasses to Read?

The Nauru is a 8 base wrap style sunglass where the temples follow the contours of the head. Loved by pilots as they fit comfortably under headphones.

They have a polarised main lens but the reader is non polarised, enabling the wearer to read digital screens, mobile phones or charts as well as for tying tackle.

These glasses are ideal for use where sunglass loss is a problem as they hold on, in most conditions and they fit under both full face and open face motorcycle helmets very comfortably.

Available in matt black with either grey or amber acetate polarised main lens with non polarised +1.50, +2.00 or +2..50 reader inserts.

These glasses are ideal if you require glasses to read digital equipment (screen does not black out), tie tackle or read.
Supplied with a neoprene case and leash.

The Nauru has a narrow nose bridge and on some people (those who have a wide bridge or have had a broken nose) the reader can get in their distance vision. If you do have a larger head and or nose, please check out the Straddie reader model. (The Straddie fits most head and nose shapes).



1 review for Nauru Acetate with Non Polarised Reader

  1. Phil Marra

    all good

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