Nauru Photochromic Acetate Amber Polarised

The Nauru Photochromic Acetate Polarised sunglasses are ideal for all weather conditions.

The ultimate wrap frame with temples which follow the contours of the head, giving maximum protection from wind, salt, sand and glare.

The Nauru fits great under full face or open face motorcycle or bike helmets.

Photochromic lenses react to the amount of UV – When indoors or under cloudy conditions will lighten to Cat1

In full sun or UV they will darken to Cat3 (a normal sunglass darkness) hence, are great for sailing or activities in varied sunlight conditions.

The Nauru frame is available in:

– Matte Black

Lens options are:

– Tri acetate 1.1mm polarised lenses in Amber Photochromic

100% UV Protection

8 Base

Category 1-3

Frame dimensions:

Lens length 7cm, Lens height 4cm.

Frame 21cm long with curve, 14cm long straight across, arms 11.5cm long.

This frame is supplied with a neoprene case and leash.

Also available in tri acetate 1.1mm polarised lenses in Amber or Grey.


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