San Juan Polycarbonate Photochromic Melanin Polarised

SAN JUAN FLOATING MODEL – Polycarbonate Photochromic Polarised (Melanin infused)

The San Juan photochromic lens lightens in low light conditions to Cat 2 and darkens to Cat 3 in full sun.  Photochromic lenses are ideal for any outdoor activity in all weather conditions.

The San Juan is fitted with the highest quality Polycarbonate Photochromic Polarised lenses infused with Melanin.

Melanin is the most powerful protection that the body and eye have against UV as it absorbs the higher energy light that does the damage.

Combined with high quality polarisation – Barz Optics melanin lenses offer fantastic protection as well as visual clarity and colour balance in harsh environments around water.

The high wrap frame gives great protection from the side, eliminating glare, wind and spray whilst offering great peripheral vision.

The San Juan frame is available in a Matt Grey / Red temples and nose piece with photochromic amber lenses

Frame dimensions:

Lens length 6.5cm, Lens height 4cm.

Frame 16cm long with curve, 14cm long straight across, arms 12.5cm long.



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