The Grom Floating Photochromic Polarised Kids Sunglasses

The Grom kids polarised floating style fitted with 1.1MM TAC Amber Polarised Photochromic lenses. As far as we are aware we are the only company in the world producing Polarised Photochromic lensed sunglasses.

Photochromic lenses react to the amount of UV – inside or under cloudy conditions will lighten to Cat1 and in full sun or UV they will darken to Cat3 (a normal sunglass darkness). So hence are great for sailing or activities in varied sunlight conditions.

The Grom frame is tri moulded – the main frame being injection moulded using a hybrid nylon called TR90. The frame is then placed back into another mould to produce the non slip temples and then a third moulding produces the floating panels on the inside of each temple.

Originally designed for young sailers so that they could get maximum protection from the sun, UV, glare and wind while enabling them to wear the glasses in all conditions. The photochromic amber lens lightens to Cat1 in low light or overcast conditions and then darkens to Cat3 in full sun / UV.

The Grom frame is available in 4 colour ways – Gloss carbon with grey non slip, Metalic pink with grey non slip temples, Gloss metallic blue with white non slip temples and Gloss white with grey non slip temples.



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