Warranty & Returns

Barz Optics warrant products for 2 years from date of purchase with the exception of swim goggles which are warranted for 1 year from date of purchase.

Our warranty covers frames and lenses against defects in workmanship, materials or delamination with the exception of clearance items. Clearance items are not covered by warranty.

Not covered under warranty:

  • Normal wear and tear, scratched, broken or missing lenses.
  • Corrosion or rusting due to salt water.
  • Suncreams, oils, sweat and salts can affect any sunglass brand in the world and silicon nose pads will wear out over time.
  • Lost screws, broken hinges any accidental damage, misuse or any problems determined not to be defects.
  • Damage caused by chemicals, ie, hairspray, cologne, window cleaner, alcohol wipes etc.
  • Any alterations or modifications to the eyewear will void your warranty.

We reserve the right to repair or replace in part or full, eyewear returned for warranty or repair.

Warranty claims and other repairs are at the complete discretion of the manufacturer.

Please read our care instructions on our home page for more information in reducing wear and tear non compliance of any of these actions will void your warranty.

  • Any expenses incurred in returning products for warranty assessment will be done at the expense of the purchaser.
  • Barz Optics is not responsible for any products lost in transit.
  • If the returned product is deemed to be a valid warranty claim we will repair at no cost you you.
  • If the warranty claim is deemed to be invalid we will contact you to advise cost of repair / replacement and freight.
  • If your Barz Optics sunglasses are no longer under warranty and/or have been damaged caused by accidental or normal use (wear and tear or scratching on lenses) our team at Barz Optics will happily inspect the product and quote the cost of repair or replacement. Spare parts are also available.

Please contact us via email at admin@barzoptics.com with the Barz Optics model name (printed on the inside of the frame arm), frame colour and lens colour along with any other speicifications relevant to your product. Please include photos of the product as this will better help us determine any warranty issues. Please include your name, address, contact number and receipt.

Our warranty team will respond to your query as a matter of urgency.

Warranty Claim Form