Coolie Prescription Sunglasses

Coolie – RX Prescription 

The Coolie 8 base black frame can be fitted with either photochromic, non polarised, polarised and polarised, single vision or bi focal lenses in grey or amber tint.

Generally they take about 15 working days to complete.

The higher the prescription the further the lens may protrude out the front or back of the frame, we recommend adding the Thin Tec lenses add on (in seperate prescription sunglass options.) This is a thinner, optically brilliant lens for prescriptions. It takes weight and thickness out of higher prescriptions.

All of our bifocal prescriptions are now made without the bifocal segment lines on the lenses. We instead use a progressive lens. (where the reading distance will blur into the distance part of the lens). If you have a preference of the bifocal lenses with the “boxed” segmented bifocal, please advise and we will see what can be accommodated for your script, as everyone is different.

We require you complete prescription including your PD (pupil distance measurement).

Prices start at $295 for non polarised and go upwards depending on the lens.

Please email for a quote for prescriptions from -3.00/+3.00 onwards.

Please contact us before ordering any bifocal options.

Frame dimensions:

Lens length 6cm, Lens height 4cm.

Frame 18cm long with curve, 14cm long straight across, arms 13cm long.

Supplied with a neoprene case, micro fibre cleaning cloth and retainer.

Please email with any questions you may have.


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