San Juan Photochromic Acetate Polarised

SAN JUAN FLOATING MODEL with amber photochromic lenses.

The San Juan photochromic lens lightens in low light conditions to Cat 2 and darkens to Cat 3 in full sun.

The San Juan high tech frame is moulded in three parts with the first two components sonic welded to create air cells before being placed back into the injection moulder where the sanaprene non-slip components are attached.

The San Juan fitted with our 1.1mm triacetate lenses has a buoyancy of 0.83gm/ml while fresh water is 1.00gm/ml and salt can vary between 1.03 and 1.05gm/ml, hence they will float in even the most turbulent water.

The high wrap frame gives great protection from the side, eliminating glare, wind and spray whilst offering great peripheral vision.

The San Juan frame is available in a Matt Grey / Red temples and nose piece

They are supplied with a neoprene case and retainer.



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