ARFA Polarised PC

The Arfa  sunglass / goggle fitted with polarised lenses is produced in our Australian factory. The frame is injection moulded from TR90, a hybrid nylon.

While the Arfa was originally developed for use by surfers, it has a multitude of end uses, see below.

The Arfa is supplied with three sizes of flexible, interchangable nose bridges and two sets of gaskets – one set breathes and the other seals.

The polarised lenses work best for use out of the water, boating or skiing. We do not recommend using polarised lenses when surfing or jetsking over waves, as the polarisation will affect take off, seeing through the wave instead of the top.


  • Jet Skiers or PWC Riders, ATV riders and snow mobiles
  • Kitesurfing, wake boarding and water skiers
  • Sailboarders, bodyboarding or surfing
  • Sailors of Cats, Dinghies and Ocean Racers or speedboat drivers
  • Sky Divers
  • Harley Users or Those Who Use Open Face Helmets
  • Snowboarders or Snow Skiers
  • Surf Lifesavers & Lifeguards
  • Whitewater Rafters and Canoeists
  • Mountain Bikers
  • Racketball and ball sports
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Outrigger – Ocean and Rivers
  • Various Industrial and Manufacturing Industries
  • Anyone who is Out In The Elements of Wind, Salt, Water, Dust and Glare or Who Have the Potential of Eye Damage from Playing Their Chosen Activity or Sport
  • Those who Require prescription lenses or Protection of Their Contact Lenses
  • Sufferers of Dry Eye Conditions

*Please note we are unable to supply stock with Smoke frames.

Due to Covid 19 and and industry downturn our usual producer has stopped production and we have yet to establish new production.

Please see the Kiama model for other options.


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